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Frances Scott: ‘Incantation, Wendy’

Friday 17 September 6-8pm

Book Launch for Frances Scott’s new book ‘Incantation, Wendy’, which informs her forthcoming work ‘Wendy’ (2022), a film fan letter to synth pioneer Wendy Carlos.

Scott will be joined by editor Beth Bramich and designer Robin Kirkham to introduce the book. Scott’s 2020 film ‘Valentina’ will be shown as part of the evening as well her 2019 sound work ‘Incantation, Wendy’, which features scores composed by Carlos intended for ‘The Shining’, and her discussion of vocal synthesis and electronic orchestration in albums from ‘Switched-On Bach’ to ‘Digital Moonscapes’ and ‘A Clockwork Orange’, alongside original recordings by Scott and Chu-Li Shewring.

‘Incantation, Wendy’ is the 2nd book published by An Endless Supply imprint Bobo.

Launch price £13 (retail price £17)