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Recent Activity

Nomadic Vitrine

2015 -

Ishmail De Niro, Recent Activity, May 2021
Mick Peter, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham, February 2020
Sherie Sitauze, Southwark Park Galleries' Bermondsey Bothy, October 2019
Eunice Cornejo, Modern Clay, July 2019
Rae Hicks, Birmingham School of Art, April 2019
Aimee Parrott, Recent Activity, March 2019
Navi Kaur, Recent Activity, February 2019
Joanne Masding, Manchester Contemporary, October 2018
Elvin Sanders, Assembly Point, October 2018
Tulani Hlalo, Eastside Projects Summer Camp. August 2018
Anna Gonzalez Noguchi, Recent Activity, June 2018
Three Models for Change - A Prelude, Centrala, June 2018
Ella McCartney, Recent Activity, April 2018
Liam Fallon, Recent Activity, November 2017
James Parkinson Recent Activity August 2017
James Parkinson, Recent Activity, August 2017
Alex Frost, The Royal Standard, June 2017
Sean Edwards, Birmingham School of Art, November 2016
Ruth Claxton, COW Vintage, August 2016
Rebecca Ackroyd, Eastside Projects (Summer Camp), August 2016
Jack Brindley, Erdington Welcome Centre, June 2016
Susie Green, The Custard Factory, May 2016
Marianne Spurr, Quarter Horse Coffee, February 2016
Hannah Lees, Grand Union, January 2016
Joe Fletcher Orr, Rope Press, December 2015

Nomadic Vitrine invites artists to respond to a nomadic display case, either using it functionally to present work or intervening with it sculpturally. The vitrine, itself a redundant sculpture, replaces the gallery as a space for artists to create work in / on / for. The vitrine builds on historical notions of display and visibility, both within and beyond the gallery. The vitrine is to be placed in various locations around Birmingham, changing for each exhibition.